About Us

Giorgio Gianni lived in a small village in Tuscany, Italy called Lucca. At the end of the 18th century, he was the only Alchemist in that region and was a very well-known craftsman. Lucca Italo was formed in his memory in Dallas, Texas.We here at Lucca Italo, are proud to bring together the Industry Leader Apple and Worlds finest precious metals, Gold and Platinum.We supply the World with the finest Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum Iphones and Ipads.When you purchase one of our exclusive products, you will realize that you are actually buying a piece of jewelry rather than an electronic device.We are also proud to say that we lead the industry with our high level of customer service and extremely well done craftsmanship, along with our exclusive Life-Time Warranty.Until very recently we have been exclusively working with a small client list and have been producing 100% custom made items.We have now decided to open up to the World and have others enjoy our fine jewelry.